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Office Worker Survey report: Unlocking the future of the office.

In an era where the landscape of work is rapidly evolving, understanding the dynamics of office utilisation is more critical than ever for commercial real estate professionals.
Remit Consulting's Office Worker Survey delivers indispensable insights that can shape the strategies of property occupiers, owners, asset managers and building managers.

The survey's findings provide a roadmap for the future, highlighting the essential elements needed to attract today's office workers back to a reimagined workplace, equipping you with the knowledge to drive innovation and success in your commercial real estate ventures.

Key Insights:
  • What drives office worker satisfaction? Discover the key factors that influence employee contentment and productivity in the office setting.
  • Flexibility and office demand: Learn how flexible working models are impacting demand for commercial spaces.
  • The new norm in office utilisation: Explore the shift towards hybrid work and its implications for office design and management.
How does the report help?
  • Inform your strategy: Use data-driven insights to inform investment and management strategies.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Understand emerging trends to position properties and portfolios for growth in a changing market.
  • Shape the workplaces of tomorrow: Create environments that not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern office workers, driving occupancy and ROI.

Get the report:

Download the Office Worker Survey report’s executive summary.


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